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At Safi, Duran & Chim, PLLC, we're not just your attorneys. We're your advocates, your advisors, and your allies. As experienced family law attorneys, we understand the unique challenges you face. Reach out today to learn how we can help.
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Camellia Safi
Founding Partner

With over a decade of family law experience, Camellia works side-by-side with her clients to achieve their ideal solutions.
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Stephanie Duran
Founding Partner

Stephanie's experience spans from family law to real estate and business law. Her versatility is a great asset to our clients.
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Shirley Chim, Founding Partner

Shirley Chim
Founding Partner

Shirley believes in the power of a flexible and creative approach to law. Put her experience and dynamic approach in your corner.
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What We Offer

Knowledgeable Advice

Our attorneys channel their years of experience to guide you every step of the way. We tailor our advice and strategies to your unique needs and goals.

Attentive Support

At Safi, Duran & Chim, PLLC, we listen to you, assess your needs, and work hard to find solutions that make sense for you. We're here to provide the strong support you need.

Dedicated Advocacy

We believe in finding the best path to resolution, whether that's through mediation, settlement, or litigation. From the courtroom and beyond, we'll never give up on your case.

Our Practice Areas

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Custody and Visitation

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Spousal Support

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Child Support

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Real Estate

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Helping You Protect What Matters Most

At Safi, Duran & Chim, PLLC, we understand that what's at stake isn't just a legal issue — it's your life. That's why we're committed to helping you protect what matters most. From your family and finances to your home and business, we're here to safeguard your interests and advocate for your rights. Whether you're going through a divorce, navigating a custody battle, or seeking advice on real estate or business law, you can rely on us. We're committed to providing the kind of service that puts your needs first and your worries to rest, so get in touch with us to schedule a consultation today.

Serving Fairfax, Virginia, and the surrounding areas of Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, Arlington County, and Clark County, our attorneys are more than prepared to guide you through any family law issue. Our reach is wide, but our service is personalized. We believe in the power of collaboration and communication, and each case we take on benefits from our collective knowledge and diverse perspectives. We work tirelessly to ensure your voice is heard and your rights are protected. We're here to guide you, advise you, and stand by you — no matter what.