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Virginia often relies on the Virginia Child Support Guidelines set forth in Virginia Code Section 20-108.2 to determine child support.  The support figure determined when running said guidelines is the presumptive amount of support—unless there is a reason why the Court would deviate from this figure. In order to rebut this presumption of guideline child support, the court considers the factors outlined in Virginia Code Section 20-108.1. 

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When determining child support, based on the guidelines, the Court needs the respective gross incomes of the parties, any work-related child care costs either parent incurs, any health insurance premiums either parent pays for the child(ren), and any other children either parent supports from a separate relationship. "Gross" income in Virginia is considered "income from all sources."  If the parties have a shared schedule or both parties have more than 90 days in a year, the Court uses a "shared" guideline rather than a "sole" guideline to determine child support. 

Child Support can be determined in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court by filing a Petition for Child Support or in the Circuit Court as part of a divorce proceeding.  An experienced Virginia attorney will discuss which option is best for you and can run guidelines to determine the amount you will most likely receive or pay in child support.